Next Joint Call on “Circularity” – “2020 Joint Call”

Building on the successful 2018 non-cofunded Joint Call, SusAn „did it again“: Together with the ERA-NETs FACCE ERA GAS, ICT AGRI FOOD and this time also SusCrop, we will launch a call on circularity and mixed crop / livestock farming systems in the end of 2020.

The goal of the call for research is to investigate prospects of land use optimization through circularity concepts of combined crop and livestock farming, i.e. to try to use synergies between crop and livestock production while recognizing the limitations. 

Future agricultural systems are expected to be more efficient at using natural resources, minimize GHG emissions, be resilient against climate change and volatile prices and, ideally, less dependent of pesticides and mineral fertilizer. 

Circularity integrates crops, animals and soil as cornerstones of agricultural production. While livestock obviously is mandatory for some biotopes and landscapes to exist (grassland), the soil plays a more hidden, yet central role in the cycles of nutrients and water, but also in reducing pathogens and pollutants. More recently, the role of the soil to store carbon is being examined. C-sequestration also contributes to soil organic matter which has the potential to increase the resilience of soil and plants against extreme weather events. We regard soil as the key element in a circular farming system. 

Currently a writing team is taking care of the call text involving partners of all four ERA-NET initiatives active in this process. In parallel to the call creation, partners are asked for their interest and for commitment to support this common call. The European Commission is also in favor of the call, which covers such a broad theme on “circularity” by pooling capacities and funds  

Contact: Arnd Bassler  

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