Kick-off meeting Research projects

After the latest SusAn project started on October 1st, the time was ready for the Initial ERA-Net SusAn projects meeting. This meeting between SusAn partners and project coordinators took place in Bilbao, Basque Country (ES) on the 23th and 24th of November and was hosted by the SusAn Partner ELIKA (Basque Foundation for Agro-food Safety).

Also 12 European, national and regional stakeholders related to sustainable animal production systems attended the seminar. Informing, involving  and interacting with stakeholders is something were the ERA-Net wishes to put more devotion in. 

The two-day seminar started with some general information and expectations of the ERA-net SusAn, whereafter each coordinator presented their project. At the end of the 2nd day 3 breakout sessions were organised to share and discuss among all the participants the expectations, added value and impact of the projects, as well as to identify the most important research needs to improve animal welfare and environmental sustainability, as well as for a better use of antimicrobials.

An overview of the SusAn presentations given:

(All the presentations of the seminar can be downloaded by clicking on the title)

All SusAn partners and coordinators @ social event initial seminar 2017Guest speaker: European Commission, DG Agri Reseach and Innovation

Presentations research projects: