January 25 and 26, 2022

Final Conference – A successful finalisation for the ERA-NET SusAn  

The “Final SusAn Conference” took place on 25th and 26th January 2022 under the heading EU Sustainable Animal Production – Moving towards the future”. More than 100 participants from all over Europe representing Member States, the European Commission as well as research and farmer organisations joined the vibrant 2-day virtual event.

After introductory speeches given by SusAn coordinator and the COM, the activities and outcomes of the ERA-NET SusAn were presented and the impact was discussed in detail. SusAn-partners, the European Commission and the SCAR CWG SAP commented on their expectations, experiences and benefits made in SusAn.

An 'Elevator Pitch' was given to present the results of Cofunded research consortia in a nutshell. Further discussions dealt with SusAn’s scientific impact, opportunities for continuation with SusAn Network underlined by a self-sustainability analysis.

Overall, the SusAn ERA-NET was highlighted as very successful and groundbreaking for the entire animal sector. During the 6-year period, three calls, numerous of workshops and a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda have been achieved. An advantage of SusAn was the change from a one-dimensional approach to the concept of systems approach that makes it possible to consider different factors and how they affect each other. SusAn outcome will form a good basis for advice for Member States and the COM towards a more sustainable and balance animal production in Europe. In addition, the trusting cooperation within the ERA-NET SusAn was emphasized.

Another key element of the conference was the presentation of the Common Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (CSRIA) combined with a literature review on system approaches in animal production. Keynote speeches by DG AGRI, SCAR Foresight Expert Group, and FAO were followed by a panel discussion with young farmers, scientists and processors.



Closing remarks given by the SusAn coordinator

  • Livestock is a part of Agriculture, circularity and our cultural landscape
  • Due to climate change and also to the requirements of consumer regarding animal welfare a transition of livestock production towards more sustainable and a balance livestock production is needed
  • Research is one key issue to support such transition and systems approach is one suitable approach to tackle better with existing trade-offs. In addition, it is necessary to connect to other sectors/areas and disciplines, and connect to other areas and sectors in an even wider approach
  • To realize these aims, a multi-actor-approach is important. All actors of the added value chain have to be included in the process of transition
  • Networks like the ERA-NET SusAn are extremely important to unite different actors, to conduct cross-border research, and to give advice to Member States and the COM
  • The SusAn network can raise future research questions for a more sustainable and balanced livestock production in Europe

Further details of the conference will follow very soon.

Elke Saggau

SusAn Coordinator


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