French national research institute for agriculture, food and environment 

With its 18 research centres, INRAe is anchored in all of France’s regions. INRAE has 14 scientific divisions that are tied to specific disciplines but that strongly encourage interdisciplinarity. An organisation that works to produce knowledge, foster innovation, provide expertise, and inform public policies.      INRAE is deliberately organised in the form of a matrix, which helps the institute carry out its integrated multidisciplinary research for addressing society's greatest global challenges. To guide and accelerate the major transitions needed to enhance the sustainability of agricultural systems and food systems, INRAE carries out work at 18 research centres with strong regional ties that are clustered within 14 research divisions that have firmly established international partnerships. Metaprogrammes serve as links among the institute's research divisions, strengthening INRAE's interdisciplinary approach. The institute's work is also bolstered by its directorates dedicated to international affairs, open science, value creation, scientific expertise, and public policy support. Our various support departments (e.g., human resources, finance, purchasing) strive for maximum efficiency and espouse principles of social and environmental responsibility in alignment with our research objectives and our goal of serving society. 

INRAe (WP7) has a large and long experience of cooperation at the European and international level: it is involved in more than 140 European research projects and networks and is coordinating more than 40 out of them among which are, closely related to this ERA-NET SusAn, FACCE-JPI and ANIHWA.    

Contact: Jean-Louis Peyraud - INRAe Rennes,  Website: