ERA-NET SusAn mid-term Seminar

Successful transnational research was demonstrated by the 14 projects which are funded via ERA-NET SusAn’s first co-funded call at its mid-term project seminar. More than 100 researchers from over 20 countries work together in the co-funded SusAn projects which are supported with a total of 16 Mio. € of national and EU funds. On 10th & 11th April 2019 the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality hosted the mid-term seminar which took place at the University of Wageningen, the Netherlands. Project coordinators were invited to present their projects to the 60 participants from 23 different countries.

On the first morning of the mid-term seminar the coordinators were asked to introduce their project by means of a three minute pitch speech. By referring to an object symbolising their projects, they informed the researchers from the other co-funded projects and from the ERA-NET SusAn partners about their research project and its relevance in a brief, convincing manner.

After a poster market and a networking lunch, the 14 coordinators presented how their project contribute to ERA-NET SusAn’s objectives and what kind of impact it will have on the 3 pillars of sustainability - economic relevance, social acceptance and environmental compatibility. At the end of the first day the University of Wageningen opened their experimental stables for a campus visit.

The second day started with a visiti to a farm which participates in one of the SusAn co-funded projects “FreeWalk”. In the following communication workshop researchers shared best practices in stakeholder involvement and communicating research results through social media.