Elika, Basque Foundation for Agro-Food Safety


ELIKA, was created in 2001 by the Basque Government of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (Spain) as advisory and consultative body to improve the Food Safety in Basque Country.
ELIKA carries the following activities:

  • Provides scientific and technical advice to the competent government departments in the fields of agriculture, food, fisheries, consumption, and health.
  • Supports and advises food chain operators facilitating the understanding and application of Food Safety requirements.
  • Assesses the exposure of the Basque population to health risks related to the consumption of food products along the food chain
  • Promotes the collaboration between the public organizations, universities and research centers, primary sector and food industry and consumers’ organizations.
  • Develops training programs for administration, food sector, research centers, and consumers.
  • Informs and disseminates scientific, technical and educational information in the field of Food Safety, generating knowledge and providing value in Basque society

In terms of research and innovation, ELIKA coordinates the Food Safety Research Plan of the Directorate of Quality and Food Industries of the Basque Government who is responsible for programming and funding the research, development, and innovation on Food Safety and sustainable food production and consumption. The final aim is to achieve, in the medium and long term, an economic, social and environmentally sustainable development of the Basque food sector.
On the European level, ELIKA has been participating in CSA and ERA-NETs in the field of Sustainable Food Safety and related issues (PERIAPT, SAFEFOODERA, SUSFOOD).

ELIKA (WP5) is Deputy of WP5 and responsible for the knowledge exchange dissemination activities. ELIKA has been involved in CSAs and ERA-NETs (PERIAPT, SAFEFOODERA, SUSFOOD) and has experience with the management and participation of the co-funded calls of those ERANETs

Contact: Monika De Prado, mdeprado@elika.eus
Website : https://www.elika.eus/