2nd Joint Workshop „Smart Mitigation of GHG in livestock production“

Following the Joint workshop of 2016 in Potdam Germany, a second Joint Workshop between FACCE ERA-GAS, ERA-Net SusAn & ICT-AGRI 2 will be organised on 20-21 February 2018 in Dublin Ireland. The theme of the workshop will be "Smart Mitigation of GHG Emissions from Livestock Production".

The 2nd Joint Workshop will discuss promising strategies and innovations to reduce GHG emissions from key source categories in livestock production, it will identify priority topics for the 2018 Joint Call planned by FACCE ERA-GAS, ERA-Net SusAn and ICT-AGRI 2 and discuss potential funding instruments and available national resources.

Workshop topic areas will focus on the following priority research topics and promising strategies relating to:

  1. Evaluation of feed chain
  2. Manure management
  3. Reducing nitrogen excretion

Participants of the Joint Workshop will be representatives of partners in FACCE ERA-GAS, ERA-Net SusAn & ICT-AGRI 2 and nominated scientific experts in the workshop topic areas.

Participants will engage in an interactive discussion on promising approaches to reduce livestock emissions, framed by national experts and scientist in the area, they will provide input into priority topics which will frame the scope of the 2018 Joint Call and they will contribute to maximise the impact of all three ERA-NETs by coordinating activities in the areas of common interest.

The results of the Jint workshop can be found via the SusAn - past activities: direct link

Contact points:
FACCE ERA-GAS - Órlaith Ní Choncubhair 
ERA-NET SusAn: Babette Breuer & Elke Saggau
ICT-AGRI 2: Johannes Pfeifer