Research and Innovation Agenda

SusAn’s Common Strategic Research and Innovation (R&I) Agenda has the aim to contribute to the transformation of livestock production within the European agri-food system. The term “transformation” here means change that is fundamental, i.e. more radical than that brought about by “business as usual”. For the livestock sector, this means that, despite the zootechnical progress made during the past decades, continued progress in agricultural sciences alone will most likely not be sufficient. In addition, political and socio-economic considerations can be expected to provide significant contributions to more sustainable production and consumption.

Livestock production is a highly political issue and the scientific community does not have any political mandate. However, the field of agricultural sciences can be used to inform and to support political decision making.



Calls overview

2021 Joint Call on “Circularity”
2021 Joint Call ERA-NET Cofund ICT-AGRI-FOOD, FACCE ERA-GAS, SusCrop and SusAn   The four ERA-NETs FACCE ERA-GAS (Monitoring and Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases from Agriculture and
2018 Joint Call on Novel technologies, solutions and systems to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of animal production systems – 8 projects funded
The overall objective of the 2018 Joint Call of the ERA-NETs FACCE ERA-GAS, SusAn and ICT-AGRI is to contribute to the development of novel technologies, solutions and systems to reduce the GHG
2016 Cofunded Call on research for a sustainable animal production sector in Europe – 14 projects funded
The first Co-funded Call of ERA-Net SusAn was launched in January 2016. In a two-step selection procedure a total of 14 research projects were selected for funding by 23 European Funding Parties. The
Early Career Researchers Workshop “Envisioning the Future of European Animal Production”

Online on the 13, 20 and 27 April 2021

Conducted within the ERA-NET SusAn and organized by MIPAAF, Italy

The European Research Area Network on Sustainable Animal Production (ERA-NET SusAn) was initiated 2016 under the current European research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. 38 partners from 23 European countries in ERA-NET SusAn endorsed scientific excellence and recommended an integrated, interdisciplinary, cross-cutting and multi-actor approach to research and knowledge exchange which reflects the complexity of the research requirements for sustainable European animal production. Based on the three pillars of sustainability - economy, environment and society – SusAn targets innovative research across all areas of the animal production system such as health and welfare, feeding and nutrition, reproduction, breeding and genetics, housing, nutrient management and economics.

What is the Early Career Researchers Workshop?

The Early Career Researcher Workshop aims to bring together European researchers in the early stages of post doc career to work together on a vision of European sustainable animal production.